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Our cheese accompaniment

Fruits and nuts: What goes with soft cheese?

The most beautiful thing about soft cheese is that it can be combined with almost anything. Experience has shown that figs, blackberries, and grapes are go particularly well with cheese. But so do nuts (e.g. pecan or almond) or seasonal fruits (e.g. pear or quince). Of course, you are encouraged to try these out. Why not try citrus fruits or tropic fruits such as pineapple or passion fruit?

What do you drink with cheese?

Selecting the right beverage for your cheese speciality is an art in itself. Not every wine goes equally well with every cheese and vice versa. Try CAMBOZOLA with a semi-dry Riesling or some sweet wines (red or white). And if you prefer a hearty beer, we recommend a dark beer. Cheers!

Our taste tip

Cheese is known to close the stomach. This makes it the perfect accompaniment for dessert. But also in the main course or as a companion to an aperitif like champagne, there are many possibilities to integrate cheese into your meal.

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