The irresistible variations of CAMBOZOLA

What could be better than enjoying fine delicacies with loved ones? Whether enjoyed in a group of friends or with a special someone – our CAMBOZOLA soft-ripened cheese specialities are always a culinary highlight that make every moment of enjoyment perfect! To ensure that there is something to suit every taste, the deliciously creamy soft-ripened cheese speciality is available in these two irresistible varieties. CAMBOZOLA Classic and CAMBOZOLA Black Label. Find out more about our irresistible cheese specialities with the fine spicy note of blue mould.


All CAMBOZOLA products manufactured in our company are lactose-free due to natural maturation.

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Produktbild für Cambozola Classic

Cambozola Classic

The delicious secret of this popular classic is the high-quality cultures in the milk, which form a fine blue grain in the cheese during maturation. The refined flavour of the blue mould in an extraordinary combination with particularly creamy soft-ripened cheese is what makes CAMBOZOLA so irresistible!

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Produktbild für Cambozola Black Label

Cambozola Black Label

CAMBOZOLA Black Label is a premium blue vein and fine grey mould soft-ripened cheese. With its fine grey natural mould on the outside and the fine blue veins on the inside, its characteristic appearance is optically appealing. CAMBOZOLA Black Label’s speciality read in the refinement: skilful production with a particularly long maturation at a low temperature. This careful cold maturation gives CAMBOZOLA Black Label its fine aroma and wonderful creaminess

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Gluten-free & vegetarian

Our naturally produced and matured soft-ripened cheeses are also gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly.

Our taste tip

Serve seasonal fruits (e.g. figs, pears, or grapes) or nuts with soft-ripened cheeses.

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