– the story of a masterful cheese creation.

The aspiration and the goal were great: to create a soft-ripened cheese that combines the creamy mildness with a refined zest.

In 1980, master cheese-makers in south Germany succeeded in achieving this uniqueness. The result was a new and fascinating composition. A very special cheese of its own kind: CAMBOZOLA.

With the unique interplay of tenderly melting curd and the refined flavour of blue mould, CAMBOZOLA is sure to impress. Cheese connoisseurs experience this stimulating taste experience in every single piece.

Today, CAMBOZOLA has a firm place in well-stocked cheese counters around the world. In over forty countries, connoisseurs choose CAMBOZOLA when they want to enjoy a truly exquisite soft-ripened cheese.

  • CAMBOZOLA is launched on the market and meets the taste of the new era: with delicate creaminess and the fine flavor of blue mould.
  • Paul Bocuse, the famous German chef, presents the soft cheese speciality with the highest award: 3 stars.
  • A jury of experts awards CAMBOZOLA Classic with the gold medal as “Product of the Year” from among 300 cheese products.
  • CAMBOZOLA celebrates its 30th anniversary.
  • „Remarkable Taste“ – Award for CAMBOZOLA at the Superior Taste Award in Belgium.
  • „Best of Class“ for CAMBOZOLA Black Label in the category „Blue Cheese with Exterior Molding“ at the World Championship Cheese Contest in Wisconsin, USA.