CAMBOZOLA Raclette Skillet with Potatoes, Bacon and Prunes

Ingredients (12 skillets):

250 g CAMBOZOLA Classic
800 g potatoes
12 prunes
12 slices bacon


1. Wash potatoes thoroughly and cook in water for approx. 20 minutes. While the potatoes are cooking, dice the prunes. Cut the bacon slices in half and cook until crisp on the grill of the raclette grill. Drain the potatoes, immerse in cold water and then peel.

2. Break the potatoes apart a bit. Slice CAMBOZOLA into small pieces. Divide the potatoes, prunes and bacon among the raclette skillets. Sprinkle the CAMBOZOLA over the top and place under the hot raclette grill for approx. 5 minutes to cook.

Tip: For those who do not like prunes, soft dried dates or apricots can also be used.

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