Antipasti Platter


200 g various types of ham
100 g salami
1 fig
1 pear
1 jar marinated olives
Red grapes
A few savory crackers
A few slices of baguette or other bread
Natural stone platter or refined wood board
Optional: edible herbs or flowers as garnish


1. First bake the slices of bread or baguette for a few minutes until crisp. While the bread is baking, place the CAMBOZOLA in the center of the platter.

2. Roll the ham and salami loosely and arrange around the cheese. Place the grapes, olives, and crackers around the other items.

3. Take the bread out of the oven and position it on the platter. Cut the fig into quarters and thinly slice the pear. Arrange the fruits decoratively.

4. Fill the empty areas of the platter with walnuts and almonds. Place edible herbs or flowers around the platter as garnish.


Maria Kleeblatt © Marry Kotter // Maria Kleeblatt