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CAMBOZOLA Black Label in pastry dough

Ingredients (for 4 servings):

4 slices CAMBOZOLA Black Label, cut approx. 1 cm thick
4 tbsp ginger in acacia honey
4 pastry sheets, 10 × 10 cm
10 g melted butter
Sunflower oil for frying
2 tbsp chopped pistachio nuts
Radish for garnish


1. Spread out the pastry sheets, and coat with melted butter.

2. Place the CAMBOZOLA Black Label slices on top, drizzle ginger honey over top, and wrap the pastry sheet so that nothing can leak. To do this, turn the tip of the pastry sheet towards you and place the cheese slice on the lower third. Now wrap the lower tip of the sheet over the cheese slice into the upper third. Then take the ends on the left and right and fold them inwards. Roll the wrapped cheese further to the upper tip until it forms a closed packet. Brush the remaining butter on the packets, and fry them in a coated pan with a little oil until they are crispy.

3. Arrangement: remove the cheese packets from the pan, and drain on paper towel. Arrange nicely on plates, drizzle ginger honey over top, sprinkle the chopped pistachio nuts over top, and garnish with radishes or lettuce leaves.