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your senses

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Discover our



soft cheese specialities from the Champignon dairy.

CAMBOZOLA stands for soft cheese specialities of the highest quality. Discover our three delicious CAMBOZOLA varieties for every taste, and find out what makes our soft cheese so unique. We will introduce you to the world of CAMBOZOLA brand, which is sure to inspire you. Unveil the secret of the harmonious flavour composition, a recipe for success that has been inspiring cheese connoisseurs for decades.

Tips and tricks about cheese

The production of a good soft cheese is an art in itself. But so is the appropriate storage and presentation. Not to mention accompaniment with suitable foods and beverages. After all, a real speciality should be enjoyed to the fullest extent. In our knowledge section, we have collected some tips and suggestions from our cheese masters so that you will be able to enjoy your next variety of CAMBOZOLA cheese to the fullest extent.